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Questions for expert

Jun 17, 2014

1.  What do you see happening with the real estate market in 2014? Why?

I see a continued steadiness in the market with more inventory coming on to satisfy the needs of more buyers.  Low Interest rates and a steady job market is the key to the health of residential real estate.  As more sellers realize that they have more equity than they realized then they’ll make a move.

2.  What is the #1 thing buyers are looking for today? 


Buyers are looking for homes that are in great condition so they can move right in as a lot of folks don’t have time to do the work themselves.  Of course price and the right neighborhood are always important too! 

3.  What is the most valuable home improvement?

Updating Kitchens and baths will bring a better return than the stock market!  Since the kitchen is the heart of the home it is important to have it beating flawlessly!   

4.  What is the #1 thing sellers need to know before they list their home?

Understand the market in a clear, no nonsense manner to have the most successful sale. 

5.  How important really is “curb appeal”?  

Curb appeal one of the most important aspects of a buyers experience in first looking at a home.  This sets the tone for liking the home.

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