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Beautiful Jelenovac Residence

$ 12,000,000.00
  • 791500 ft
Additional Information
Situated on the junction of two streets, and placed within the confines of various other traditional family homes with the city park nearby, the site for this home was meticulously chosen.
Inside, the architects have heavily saturated the interior with a beautiful, sleek finish on the exposed wood. This smooth and refined aspect enhances the luxurious feeling of living tenfold, and the spaciousness provided matches that of the exterior, ensuring that leisure activities can be accommodated, just as relaxation, calm and family time can be as well.

The beautiful, winding staircase is the last of the beautiful contemporary additions, with the aforementioned striking sleek wooden colour playing a key role in this stunning facade.

The listing details were extracted from http://www.adelto.co.uk/ for demonstration purpose and are a commercial property of the original listing owner.
عقار لـ
غرف النوم
قدم مربعة
1500 ft
عدد الطوابق
تم بناؤه
حجم القطعة
2000 ft
نشرت من قبل
1434 Commodore Wy
الرمز البريدي
معلومات اضافية
ملامح منشأة
  • الطابق الأرضي
  • حمام السباحة
  • غرفة العائلة
  • التكييف المركزي
  • غرفة الطعام
  • ملامح الإعاقة
  • غرفة الغسيل
  • مدفأة
  • حمام الطابق الرئيسي
  • غرفة نوم الطابق الرئيسي
  • منتجع صحي / حوض استحمام ساخن
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  • 11 عرض
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